Politicism in the Wake of Trump: The Avant-Garde Must Heed the Left

The correlation between Trump and politicism is growing due to the administration’s goal to enact controversial legislation on central domestic and foreign issues. As this happens, apoliticism decreases and politicism increases. Civil unrest is growing in the US and abroad at unprecedented rates in the dawn of the 21st century.

The more the left, and even moderates, organize to expose the Trump administration’s unlawful behavior, the more the right arbitrarily accuses the left of being responsible for America’s social divisiveness. It’s to be expected from a political right-wing hegemony and even those cheering on the sidelines as doomed constituents.

If Trump stopped placing the blame on progressive social movements, he’d lose supporters, and likely, help further the advance of the movements. One of Trump’s most successful strategies as president is discrediting those in opposition of his agenda, even when he lacks proof of evidence. As of recent, Author Michael Wolff has been the target and scapegoat of Trump’s fake-news mantra after he released Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House


I can tell you that if you’re part of the avant-garde, it’d be not only unethical but a detriment to your creative desires and freedoms to remain silent amid all of the havoc in our society. If you’re the bohemian artist, the woman or man behind the stroke brush creating provocative pieces of imagery, know that backing the administration’s verbal attacks on the pilgrimage of free thinkers is like supporting a possible censorship of your current and future works.

If you’re the musician, often peddling the streets, performing for compensation and recognition, know that you bear the vagrant label. The affluent will dispose you. If you’re the recreational pot smoker, with a circle full of queer people of color and culture, you’re seen as the social deviant, similar to those abstract thinkers of the 60s.

If you’re the controversial filmmaker, exposing truth through obscenity and alternative means of art and creativity, you’re also a target on the hit list. If you’re the single mom chasing the same dream that you had before motherhood, the crippled old man, or the aspiring academic from an underprivileged neighborhood, you’re the diseased-ridden rodent to the majority of the right.

If you checked off one of these, then I’m certain that you know the right-wing party is not a champion of your new-age counterculture ideals and aspirations. The left is fighting for your unconventionality. You don’t have a place in the right’s discriminative click. The left is fighting for the melting pot of rainbow-toned bodies with bold ideas on freedom and peace. You’re better off being a centrist than a Trumpian Republican.

There’s no more time to take up this apolitical front. There’s no more time to sit on the sidelines. The future of freedom is dwindling by the months. The patriarchy is out to take your last bread crumbs. The theocracy will dismantle secularism and seek to control society with religious dogma.

Trump’s attacks on the media, the whole “fake news” motto, is just another tactic to discredit journalism as an integral aspect of society. It produces the disruption of democracy. Who will be the all-seeing eye of the world?

Kim Jong Un’s abuse of the basic freedoms of people in North Korean society is orchestrated to block access to imperative public information and grow the dictatorship. There are some hidden and some more obvious signs that match Trump’s political agenda with that of a dictator.

It’s time organize. It’s time to actively vote, local and state-level. It’s time to be forward with your egalitarian views. It’s time to stop with the “I don’t care, because it doesn’t affect me, and my vote-doesn’t-count” rhetoric.

The apolitical vanguard provides a safe haven for those who see the world as colorless and reap the benefits of opportunism ever day. The freethinker’s vanguard, the avant-garde mission, is to share abstract ideas and culture with society. Freethinkers can’t contribute to that cause sitting on the sidelines, parading behind a man who is creating an even more wealth-driven society for the rich and further subjugating minority races.


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