You and the Self: 5 Simple Ways to Keep That Shit Intact

1. Invest in yourself
  • Invest in your physical health
    • Maintain good health, despite the fact that it might entail a fit of self-indulgence. Take the indulgence concept of this statement with a grain of salt: limit the salt, but indulge in grains, fruits, good fats (like those that come from nuts, avocados, and coconut oil), and veggies, and limit intake of processed foods.
    • Exercise. If it’s something that you’re new to, exercise in moderation. Take a walk to stimulate the cardiovascular system, and clear your mind at the same time. Bust out a set of push-ups at home, or increase the volume on your stereo and have a 20-to-30-minute jam session as you clean the vicinity of your abode.
    • Try out some herbal teas to set the mood and get rid of bodily impurities. Rooibos is a good beneficial herb to try out that can be used to treat mild headaches, flares of eczema, asthma, insomnia, and allergies.
  • Invest in your mental health.
    • Positive reinforcement works, and, often times, negative thoughts can be channeled into a calm state before they sound the alarm and begin to affect the mental thought process.
    • Block the anthology of comparisons that usually come to light after an hour of useless social media surfing. Think of one thing that it is you’re trying to accomplish and run with it. Then think of one thing that you’d like to master, like giving yourself more credit for small accomplishments or sticking to a new routine, or more specifically, learning to play a new instrument, and run with it.
    • Try out some short meditation techniques to recharge your ego, retune your thoughts, and revitalize your energy. One doesn’t have to be a yoga guru to incorporate a few minutes of meditation into his/her day schedule. It can be as simple as getting out of bed in the morning and elongating the limbs, deeply inhaling and exhaling, and shutting the eyes, as the mind repeats calming phrases, or it can be more engaging like sitting on a yoga mat while listening to some meditative instrumentals and sinking into a moment of vast nothingness to get rid of morning clutter.
    • Listen to lots of music. Explore genres and their experimental subgenres.
2. Educate Yourself
  • Books, magazines, comics, newspapers, online articles— the mediums exist in variations.
    • Read thought-provoking content that interests you and incites you to question your surroundings. It will liberate you. Read up on topics of interest to enhance your familiarity of new concepts and ideas.
  • It can be challenging to weed through heaps of media noise and clutter, but you’ll learn to prioritize the stuff with the real juice at the top of your list.
    • The endless categories and subcategories— arts & music, biographies, business, computers & tech, gay & lesbian, health & fitness, history, literature & fiction, social sciences, religion, etc., and subjects — science, history, politics, philosophy, etc., will birth an “ah-haa” moment, and you’ll exclaim, “Holy shit, this fuckery is all starting to make sense.”
  • The idea is to allow something amid the words to spark a new fascination and, perhaps, spark some self-awakening epiphany.
    • Keep in touch with the world. The more mature the content is that you engage with, the more you’ll find yourself wanting to contribute to society. The more that desire grows and manifests, the more motivation you’ll have to synchronize that energy with ambition.
3.  Check off progress and keep the big picture in mind
  • Complete important tasks, and everyday, keep in mind the big picture.
    • Sometimes there’s a misconception about following a routine or schedule that impairs the desire to complete important tasks, eventually creating a barrier, which obscures the big picture.
    • Start with less dense steps: create a three-day routine. This will help you succeed at completing necessary tasks with more ease so that the big picture remains clear.
4. Hang with people who support you, and support people who hang with you.
  • The older you get, the more you come to understand the quick passing of time. You don’t get time back, so it’s important to invest in time that invests in you. That means people, too.
  • Friendships are about helping each other obtain individual growth, just as much as they are about slinging beers and talking shit. One-way friendships are not friendships. Exact friendships are mutually beneficial relationships. Support your friends, and give them pep talks when needed. And in reverse, your friends should also engage in this behavior..
5. Celebrate the good times
  • This one is simple:
    • Crack a beer, and cheers your mates.


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