‘He’s the Craziest President We’ve Ever had and I Voted for him’


A popular notion is that as time passes and continues to build, a sense of progress results. It’s an optimistic, idealistic way of thinking about America’s evolution and society, which, as of recent, has put forth a tide of chaos and confusion, knowing no boundaries. Then in hindsight it should come to no surprise that we would experience one of the strangest, foolish political diversions in American history.

This is a tale about a conversation with Donald. But not Trump. Donald is a peculiar looking man, one with an old-school edge and a remastered, yet raw Southern charm. Not much is known about him. I don’t know all the basic facts about him, like the ones that you’d gather about a person when writing a profile piece or a biography, since my encounter with him was random and brief. He was not the subject of an interview, but rather the subject of a bar, Maxine’s, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

I did learn that he served in the military. In the 60s, he explained how the military required new recruits to take a class on race relations. During this period of sitting in on race relations classes, he said to me that he once let the whole room hear it, “You’ve never been laid until you lay a black woman.”

Talk about race relations. What he got was silence, crickets, some jaws dropped, but no scolding just shock that he had the balls to be so blunt about the matter. I found it clever, though, in it’s context, some may see it as a bit lewd. The underlying message of his remark was that he was not afraid nor ashamed to retell his interracial sexual encounters even though they were still quite taboo in the 60s. It was a trivial time. It’s gathered that this man, Donald, has a knack for raunchy jokes, beer drinking and pure conversation that he projects with a fine Southern drawl.

I was itching to talk to him about politics. Old school cats like him make for memorable conversations, plus there’s always something profound to take home.

“So what do you think about Donald Trump?” I asked.

He mumbled something inaudible and then said, “He’s the craziest president we’ve ever had, and I voted for him.”

On his face was a constant grin, like he was aware of how ridiculous this sounded, but also as if he’d contrived some new strategy to beat the odds set against him and majority of society, by voting for this crazed patriarch.

“Actually, I think he’s one of the best things that ever happened to us, because now we get to see our foolishness. ”

“But you don’t think he’s the best president we’ve ever had, do you?” I said this knowing the answer.

“HELL NO. God. Oprah Winfrey is better than him, and she refuses to run.” He paused, “But you’re not old enough to know the perfect president.”

“Who are you gonna say? Kennedy?”

“Moms Mabely.”


He repeats himself, “Moms Mabely. You’ve never heard of Moms Mabely? Back in the olden days she was a comedian. A black woman, old lady, and she told it like it was.”

I’ve come to learn that in today’s age, people are deceived by this idea that politicians “telling it like it is” is synonymous to being a true leader of the people.

But when I’ talking about deceived people, I’m not talking about Donald with the wide rectangle-shaped glasses, wearing a brown leather jacket and a matching flat cap down in Hot Springs, for I don’t think that he’s deceived. Indeed, Donald from Maxine’s made a valid point about the other Donald, the orange-toned one——-The president’s lunacy is a true reflection of America’s lunacy, still hindering the social and political progress of society at large.

We are not as evolved as we like to think we are. Buddha bless the U.S.A… The land of the “free”.

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