Adults Mocking Douglas High Students and March for Our Lives Demonstration are the Real Idiots

The recent Parkland shooting has sparked an unprecedented  youth-led political movement, summoning lawmakers to create effective gun laws. Students of Stoneman Douglas High School sparked the wave of the movement, and Emma Gonzalez has become the movement’s token girl.

Consequently, conservative pundits frame her as a progressive villain. Take Leslie Gibson, A Republican candidate running for the Maine State House who referred to her as a “skinhead lesbian”.  Conservative media personnel also took to Fox News to frame her as a communist.

After the student-led March For Our Lives demonstration in Washington D.C., dissidents made it their number one priority to delegitimize the youth-led gun reform movement and invalidate its grievances. Now adults are attacking Emma Gonzalez for wearing a sewn patch of the Cuban flag. Memes of Gonzalez are circulating social media with the following caption:

“…A teenage lesbian who wants to take away peoples’ right to self defense, wearing the flag of a country who imprisoned and murdered gay people, after making sure only the state was armed.”

Attacking Gonzalez for wearing the Cuban flag seems hypocritical. If we take a look at American history, we will quickly be reminded of the violent injustices committed against minorities by the U.S. government. Yet, Americans patriotically display the American flag and attack those critical of its history, because in their eyes, America was sanctified after its abolishment of slavery back in the 1800s.

Conservatives claim that Gonzalez is a hypocrite, because she identifies as bisexual and wore the Cuban flag, which was merely a representation of her heritage, whose government committed violent injustices against gays.

Before adversaries condemn Gonzalez for her Cuban patriotism and bad-mouth Cuba for its oppressive regime, back in the 60s and 70s, let’s not forget that America was still carrying out lynchings of blacks in the 60s.

So why are America’s sins suddenly expunged but Cuba’s not, even after Cuba’s social progress? These Americans seeking to invalidate Gonzalez’s grievances are a very backwards people, pretending to be enlightened about gun rights. In truth, it’s much easier to pin teenage activists as incompetent and entitled, even though their traumatic school-shooting experience serves as the foundation for their civil revolt.

Pro-gun advocates like to claim that liberal media is responsible for the upsurge. They position these individuals as political pawns of mainstream media. Laughably, conservatives use the students’ ages as the premise of their argument, suggesting that teens can’t possibly comprehend the gun-reform issue, because they’re “kids”, dabbling in adult business. But, then conservatives backtrack. Conservatives’ number one justification, after being blasted for mocking and ridiculing a teenager, suddenly becomes contradictory one — “Well, she’s an adult”.

Face palm*.

Do a little Internet-browsing and you will, yet again, stumble upon contradiction. You will find gun advocates and NRA members patronizing the Parkland survivors, aiming to convince constituents that these “kids” are not old enough to comprehend gun legislation. Then, forty-five minutes later, you will see Fox News broadcasting a member of a youth pro-gun group protesting March for Our Lives. He is subliminally applauded and commended. Now we are forced to ask the question— Why are conservatives listening to this teenagers grievances and taking his advice on pro-gun issues? Isn’t he a kid, not yet mature enough to comprehend such issues? The answer to that is that his opinion holds significance, because he’s a friend, a proponent of the conservative agenda.

What’s most embarrassing about all of this divisiveness are the so-called adults, ridiculing teenagers for getting involved in one of the most controversial political debates in America— gun reform. Their jabs are pure reflections of their own insecurities, because the fact is that these teenagers are able to courageously stand their ground and organize in great mass, and that courage and ability is absent in most adults.

While these teenagers are busy sparking the next political revolution, bitter adults are sitting behind their computer screens, probably indulging Big Macs and 32 oz. Cokes, sharing diss memes of Emma Gonzalez that contain run-on sentences and bad spelling.

Essentially, they’re taking their frustrations out on the Internet because their wives divorced them.

It’s understandable why these adults are insecure, especially when they can’t even spell and are having to witness a bunch of teenagers intellectually challenge the state in debate. These adults are like an arrogant posse of entitled yuppies, resentful when they realize that their names didn’t make the country club’s VIP list.

We should be glad that the youth is taking an aim at creating political change. We should be glad that the youth is aware of the political climate in America, because at least they’re not eating Tide pods, taking selfies or hunching over laptops to type up empty-handed arguments like some of these adults.

Aylin Sozen 2018 ©


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